Michael Jackson vs. Beyoncé: Nigerians defend King of Pop

Nigerians are flatly refusing to entertain any comparison between Michael Jackson and Beyonce with majority of Twitter users calling the move a misnomer.

How did it come up in the first place? A Twitter user with the handle @MakiSpoke, posted how Beyonce is the greatest female entertainer of all time and that with her current strides would be the greatest ever by the time she is done.

“I feel it isn’t a reach to say Beyoncé is the greatest female entertainer of all time, and by the time she’s done (because we know she isn’t done reinventing herself), she’ll be widely regarded as the greatest entertainer of all time,” she wrote.

Another user agreed but added that Beyoncé might have to share the greatest ever accolade with Michael Jackson, MJ. @MakiSpoke responded that she even thought Beyonce was greater than MJ.

Then the first hard rebuttal came. In responding, @MakiSpoke clearly spelled out her position that Beyonce was the better of the two. “Nobody compares!” she stressed.

It turns out that 24-hours later her views gained so much traction that Nigeria’s social media space was all about the two artists – with Michael Jackson in a long lead as the greatest of all time – even in death. @MakiSpoke has stuck to her views in follow up tweets.

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