Marasa Africa

The story of our journey to Uganda started over a century ago and from humble beginnings our activities have grown from strength to strength in Uganda and beyond. At the forefront of industrial development and business, we are now one of the largest diversified private-sector employers in East Africa, employing over 10,000 people and providing a livelihood and supporting, both directly and indirectly, over 150,000 individuals in Uganda alone. Despite our diversity and size, our family business continues to be proudly African and we continue to recognize the key values that have contributed to our success by embracing the stakeholders and communities in which we operate as our destiny is entwined with theirs. We strive to engage with and empower these communities and ensure that we may continue to grow hand in hand with them wherever possible. Our vision to share our breathtaking country to those from beyond our borders and even to far away shores led us to acquire and develop what we felt to be locations of outstanding natural beauty. Each of these properties also represents the combination of the very best of what there is to offer at these destinations. All of our hospitality properties have been consolidated under Marasa Holdings, and as we expect to grow, Marasa will be one of the largest providers of high quality, comfortable, charming safari lodges in East Africa.

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