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Malawi President Chakwera lauded for professional appointment on parastatal boards

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Malawi President Chakwera

By Chilimunthaka

After impatiently waiting for long by Malawians, president Lazarus Chakwera was silently and smartly making considerations before fixing the boards of directors in 67 parastatal organisations which came out last evening.

Looking critically into the setup one can easily tell why the president took his time before releasing the appointments, indeed one can easily note the brilliance of the president Malawi has now.

The boards well incorporated with representation from professionals, faith leaders, community leaders, technocrats and experienced individuals.

Gender and youth participation has not been overlooked in the appointments which shows there was seriousness and full consultation in coming up with the list.

There are many we can mention but a few are here. Talk of Rev. Vasco Kachipapa to chair MBC which has been in bad books with many Malawians, Dr. Sunduzwayo Madise at Malawi National Council of Sports and Youthful faces at National Youth Council of Malawi has given us hope that we will see favorable changes.

Malawians have high expectations in the performance of ESCOM, EGENCO, MACRA, MERA and MRA. We don’t think they will be tempted at any single moment to be funding vehicles for any grouping outside their chores. Mr. Chokani Mhango, Mr. Zangazanga Chikhosi, Dr. Stanley Khaila, Mr. Leonard Chikadya and MRA chair, kumeneko mangani malamba a Malawi sakufuna kuonaso zibwana. On the other hand with dilapidated roads structures in the country we believe Mr. Kester Kaphaizi and Mr. Joe Ching’ani have a task to prove to the nation.

Mr. Kusamba Dzonzi and Mr. Denis Kalekeni, you have mountains to climb. Admarc is at its death bed Mr. Kusamba, you need to heal it as quickly as you can. NFRA idaoletsapo Chimanga munkhokwe zathu, katangale ndiye osanena even in supplying maize to it, Mr. Kalekeni you’re there now, prove who you are.

We as Malawians expect much improvements at NCHE, HESLGB and UNIMA. How are institutions accredited? How are loans and grants approved? How are these loans followed up for collection? And why our students are kept home for months and months due to strikes at University? We believe under Prof. Beatrice Mtimuni, NCHE will wear a new face of hope, with Mr. Sam Kakhobwe we expect to see a changed HESLGB while having trust that Prof. Jack Wirima will address long outstanding UNIMA problems.

We are not short of expectations on the MBS. We need a trusted board and believe Dr. Agness Mwangwela and the team will give us the best.

Mr. Bornface Kadzamira, you brought the bill in the August house on Cannabis legalization. Here you are today chairing the Cannabis Regulatory Authority. We believe you had better research before introducing the motion or the bill. Here is your chance to give that best to Malawians of all kind.

Though some names are politicians, we believe the president did not dwell on their political affiliation in making the appointments but on what they can do for Malawians. We therefore warn them not to use their presence in these boards to fulfill political interests at the expense of Malawian citizens.

But all in all, we are satisfied that the president has done wonderful appointments and our expectations will never go low.

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