Malawi Government strongly Refutes that its network of Computers at State House were Hacked


The man has so far been charged with impersonation by the Malawi Police Services, contrary to assertions that he hacked the computer systems as alleged in the news article.

Contrary to the impression created by the story that the suspect hacked into state house computer systems ,one just need to understand that the coming in of technology does not bar anyone from creating email account or accounts using anybody’s name from anywhere, and that in anyway cannot be called hacking.

May the general public be informed that, the man who was impersonating state President His Excellency Arthur Peter Mutharika had created an email address and his username was appearing as Arthur Mutharikah. As we are all aware, the State President’s Surname does not have an “h” at the end.

In addition, the suspect had other fake email addresses which include; and

All these do not belong to the state president, the state house or the office of the president and cabinet. This man who Nation News Paper alleges to have hacked state house computers was arrested by the Malawi police for impersonating the President by communicating with his victims through these fake email addresses and not hacking the state house computers.

The State House computers or emailing systems have not been tampered with and we want to make it clear that the arrested man never used any of the email addresses owned by the State President, His Excellency Arthur Peter Mutharika or any of the state house officers.

We can further state that the arrested man who was impersonating the President was getting money from the victims through the following Bank Account, Robert Seleman, Standard Bank ,Mzuzu branch, Current Account Number 0140020445700 which in anyway does not belong to the State President, the State House or related to the concept of hacking.

It must also be noted here that The IP addresses that the man was using in sending his emails to his victims do not in any way belong to the State House network systems. State House feels very much aggrieved and finds The Nation newspaper article sensational and a misrepresentation of the facts.

We therefore, demand an immediate apology from Mr. Christopher Jimu (Author) and The Nation Newspapers for misinforming readers and the nation at large

We strongly believe that had the reporter or the Publication made efforts to speak to us he would have gotten the real facts of the matter and the Publication would have published a story which would have been fair, factual, balanced and most importantly truthful.

We are challenging the Nation Newspaper to have their system penetration professionals come and verify with us if at all, the hacking happened and we can confirm that nothing bad has happened to our systems and these are just mere allegations.

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