Malawi Girls to Get Education Capacity Boost


Smith said the National Girls’ Education Network Advocacy Plan 2015-2017 intends also to put in place a vibrant coordination on a girl child education to mobilize necessary resources to make education sector a success.

She therefore, advised government and general public to initiate more education development projects and parents to send a girl child to school, as to achieve the international education standards in Malawi.

Member of Parliament for Dedza east Juliana Lunguzi, bemoaned the tendency of parent forcing a girl child into early marriages that is limiting factor affecting education sector in Malawi hence resulting to poor quality in most of schools. Among other factors that hinders education system; insufficient infrastructures, teachers and poor mobilization of early childhood development, are among the least that jeopardize girl child education.

She further said “The problem we have is that the resources for girl child campaign to go to school are not enough. Insufficient of funds limits a girl child accessing quality education and participation in decision making but also limiting them to complete and excel at all levels of education that empowers a girl child and a boy to effectively contribute to the country’s sustainable social, economic development by 2018”.

Lunguzi suggest that employing assert building is one way to curb the problem of school fees hence raising goats in group help in mobilizing resource. In success of any development critical thinking is chief importance, therefore, getting a girl child educated is crucial since knowledge is power in as far as Malawi development is concerned.


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