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Lying Mohammed: Pharisee Of RUGA Theology By Bayo Oluwasanmi

Once upon a time there was Pastor RUGA. Armed with the gospel according to Fulani RUGA theology, he went about looking for people to convert to the new faith. But RUGA suffered untimely death from the overwhelming rejection by Nigerians.

Like Soyinka’s Abiku, RUGA has been coming and going with different names. The new name is Water Resources Bill and Lying Mohammed, Minister for Information and Culture, is the newest Pharisee of RUGA Theology. To him, RUGA is do or die matter. Whether we like or not, we must accept RUGA.

Listen to the Pharisee at the marketplace of ideas trying to sell RUGA: “There is nothing new about the National Water Resources Bill. This is because it is amalgamation of Water Resources Laws that have been in existence for a long time,” argues Mohammed. “We also want to state that the bill is for the good of the nation, and has no hidden agenda whatsoever,” concludes Mohammed.

The Water Resources Bill, if it ever becomes law, will place the control of water, usage, and its resources solely at the hands of the federal government.

Government is a necessity when it exercises power wisely and with limitations. But it becomes evil when it steps out of bounds. The rationale for a government is for a good purpose. But when it overreached its powers, it entrenches evil to a greater extent. The APC led federal government is not a government of good purposes but evil. It’s no secret that much of what the APC government pursues today is best classified as evil.

The APC government has literally taken away our right to life and liberty. We have become prisoners in our own country. Our freedom of movement has been curtailed by the Fulani herdsmen terrorists, kidnappers, armed robbers, rapists, with the tacit approval or support of the government.

The so called Water Resources Bill is a disguise to take away the right of Yorubas to their God given property and wealth. If the bill is passed, the Yorubas will be forced to give up their water – surface and underground – to feed and nourish Fulani cows. Just like the ancient communities along Nile and Mesopotamian River Valleys had to protect themselves from aggression of other tribes who descended upon their villages and plundered their wealth, Yorubas will defend their water resources by any means necessary against Fulani aggression and incursion.

The expansion of administrative agencies and other federal institutions has been pervasive and extensive by the APC government. They have encroached on state sovereignty, often with little or no resistance from the APC governors. The APC government is overstepping its constitutionally prescribed role. By 2023, the APC government would have completely taken over control of everything that belongs to the states and the local people.

Indeed, every facet of our daily life including how we light our rooms, how we sleep in our rooms, how we make love to our spouses, what food we buy, and how we cook it, the toys are children play with, the books we read, the clothes we wear, the songs we sing, the names of our friends, the cars we drive, where we vacation, the type of commercials and shows we watch on TV, will be controlled by the government’s ballooning compendium of federal draconian laws. This is no more a democracy. It’s a primitive dictatorship.

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