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List of African countries by population

With 186 million inhabitants, Nigeria is the most populous country in Africa and the seventh most populous country in the world. Nigeria has the third-largest youth population in the world, after India and China, with more than 90 million of its population under age 18.
(or dependent territory)
Date of
last figure
 Nigeria173,000,0002013Official estimate
 Ethiopia99,391,0002015Official estimate
 Egypt94,408,000February 12, 2019Official population clock
 Democratic Republic of the Congo86,026,000July 1, 2015Official estimate
 South Africa54,956,900July 1, 2015Official estimate
 Tanzania51,046,0002015Official estimate
 Kenya45,533,0002015Official estimate
 Sudan40,235,0002015Official estimate
 Algeria40,100,000January 1, 2016Official estimate
 Uganda34,856,813August 28, 2014Preliminary 2014 census result
 Morocco[1]33,337,529September 1, 2014Preliminary 2014 census result
 Mozambique28,013,0002015Official estimate
 Ghana27,043,0932014Official estimate
 Angola24,383,301May 16, 2014Preliminary 2014 census result
 Ivory Coast22,671,331May 15, 2014Preliminary 2014 census result
 Madagascar22,434,3632014Official estimate
 Cameroon21,917,6022015Official estimate
 Niger17,138,707December 10, 2012Final 2012 census result
 Burkina Faso18,450,4942015Official estimate
 Mali14,528,662April 1, 2009Final 2009 census result
 Malawi16,832,900July 1, 2016Official estimate
 Zambia15,473,9052015Official estimate
 Somalia12,316,895January 1, 2016Official estimate
 Senegal14,354,6902015Official estimate
 Chad11,039,873May 20, 2009Final 2009 census result
 Zimbabwe13,061,239August 17, 2012Final 2012 census result
 Rwanda10,515,973August 15, 2012Final 2012 census result
 Tunisia10,982,754April 23, 2014Preliminary 2014 census result
 Guinea10,628,972April 2, 2014Preliminary 2014 census result
 Benin10,008,749May 11, 2013Final 2013 census result
 Burundi9,823,8282015Official estimate
 South Sudan8,260,490April 22, 20082008 census result
 Togo6,191,155November 6, 2010Final 2010 census result
 Eritrea6,536,000July 1, 2014Official estimate
 Sierra Leone6,348,3502014Official estimate
 Libya5,298,152April 15, 20062006 census result
 Republic of the Congo3,697,490April 28, 20072007 census result
 Central African Republic3,859,1392017[1]
 Liberia3,476,608March 21, 2008Final 2008 census result
 Mauritania3,718,6782016Official estimate
 Namibia2,280,700July 1, 2015Official estimate
 Botswana2,024,904August 22, 2011Final 2011 census result
 Gambia1,882,450April 15, 2013Preliminary 2013 census result[permanent dead link]
 Equatorial Guinea1,222,442July 4, 2015Preliminary 2015 census result
 Lesotho1,894,1942011Official estimate
 Gabon1,802,278October 5, 2013Preliminary 2013 census result
 Guinea-Bissau1,530,6732015Official estimate
 Mauritius1,261,208July 1, 2014Official estimate
 Eswatini (Swaziland)1,119,3752015Official estimate
 Djibouti864,618July 1, 2011Official estimate
 Réunion (France)840,974January 1, 2013Official estimate
 Comoros806,200July 1, 2016Official estimate
 Cape Verde491,875June 16, 2010Final 2010 census result[permanent dead link]
Western Sahara[2]510,713September 2, 2014Preliminary 2014 census result
 Mayotte (France)212,600August 21, 20122012 census result
 São Tomé and Príncipe179,200May 13, 2012Final 2012 census result
 Seychelles90,945August 26, 2010Final 2010 census result
 Saint Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha (UK)5,633June 20162016 census result
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