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Is Muhammadu Buhari Among The Generals? By Bayo Oluwasanmi

“Luck is of little moment to the great general, for it is under the control of his intellect and his judgment.” – Titus Livins

In 2015, Bola Ahmed Tinubu successfully forged the political merger that produced All Progressives Party and General Muhammadu Buhari as candidate in the 2015 presidential election.

The APC wasted no time in selling Buhari to voters. Buhari was bottled, branded, and packaged as born again democrat and born again Muslim. He was surnamed Mr Integrity. On qualities of a General, Tinubu spoke glowingly of US Army Generals who later became great presidents. He said, Buhari as a general would make a great president. But five years into his presidency, Buhari is the opposite of the borrowed Babariga he was dressed in.

Military discipline is instilling a sense of confidence and responsibility in each individual. It’s a discipline which makes soldiers do the right things without being told, even in the absence of the commander. The military instils in soldiers mental discipline and physical development that have practical utility based on moral rectitude.

The aim of military discipline is not only to make professional soldiers. There’s a higher, nobler end in view – the utilitarian idea. By putting into practice the actual warfare skill, knowledge, and experience acquired by such training, it comes handy as a tool kit for the soldier in whatever position he or she may occupy in life.

The title of “General” is defined as “military skill in higher commander.” Military leaders are trained in leadership at the earliest stages of their careers. Given the incompetence of General Buhari for the mismanagement of Nigerian affairs, it is obvious he missed the leadership stages of his military training and career. His handling of national emergencies, and calamities that continue to wage a relentless war against Nigerians, confirmed our fears that Buhari is not an authentically minted General.

A General is a strategic visionary. He thinks, acts, leads, and develops members of his team in a strategic manner. He’s a futurist and takes risks. He’s willing to move out in uncharted territory. These attributes are conspicuously absent in General Buhari.

A General is decisive. He makes decisions and make them right at the right time. He’s courageous by exercising physical and moral courage to serve as beacon for others to emulate and follow. He does the right things for the right reasons at the right time. This is not applicable to General Buhari.

A General is accountable and takes all the blames for the shortcomings of his team. He starts corrective actions with oneself. As we have witnessed for the past five years, Buhari as president doesn’t always take responsibility for his failures. Instead, he blames others for his gross inadequacies.

In the matter of integrity, a General is not a questionable character. With integrity, he drives a good plan and a good team to the top of the summit. If there’s one thing we can all agree on about Buhari is that he’s not a man of integrity.

A General is a change agent. He recognises who or what needs to be changed and then commits to making the required changes. It is evident that Buhari is not a change agent but a recalcitrant advocate of the status quo. A General leads with poise, with flair and class, always conducting himself in an unflappable manner. He’s diplomatic by creating political alliances outside of his own clan to achieve common goals and objectives.

General Buhari is woefully incompetent. He’s not a General that can lead his nation and that can fight for all Nigerians. He’s a tribal bigot. He’s not a nation builder, but a destroyer of our nation. He’s a General without empathy, honesty, sincerity of purpose, deep sense of responsibility, sense of urgency, and sense of fairness. With the turmoil that daily consumes Nigerians, Buhari is a General missing in action. The question on the lips of Nigerians is: Is Muhammadu Buhari among the Generals?

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