Innovation shines beyond gloom of Libyan conflict, Brexit [SciTech]

The United Kingdom which will be leaving the European Union at the end of this world on Monday welcomed African leaders and innovators, with whom it hopes to strike mutually beneficial trade deals.

Having toured several innovations from Africa, including a pavement that generates electricity, a solar-powered well and remote-controlled robots, the prime minister Boris Johnson took some time to highlight his country’s own tech offering.

‘‘We have the tech. We have ed tech, med tech, fin tech, bio tech, green tech, nano tech. Tech of all kinds. And we have by far the biggest tech sector anywhere in this hemisphere, the premier said.

“If you want to come here to study in those universities, if you want to play a part in the high tech revolution, if you want to work with the titans of our financial world then you’ll be pleased to hear my friends that one thing is changing – our immigration system.’‘

Libyan engineers innovate for amputees

A group of Libyan engineers are using smart technology and design to transform the lives of amputees in the country. They’ve formed a non-profit making social enterprise which fits people with high tech prostheses enabling them to live normal lives.

“We first know what the amputee needs are, what he wants to do with this prosthetic hand, does he want to use it in his daily work…so we know his needs from this hand, how he wants to use it, so we envisage how to make this hand beneficial to him,’‘ Ayoub Khalifa, a Mechanical Engineer explained.

The company, Abhath has a fully equipped laboratory for research and development, which provides the latest technologies for 3D printing and artificial intelligence.

“We prepare a hand arm model from a mechanical standpoint and design it using programs such as SolidWorks or ANSES and then applying some tests to it using the computer, then comes the role of printing, which is the 3D Printing, we print the artificial hand, then we conduct tests on it using software first and then in reality.”

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