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Ghana: Video of pastor shaving congregants in movie sparks outrage

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A video of a man believed to be a pastor shaving the pubic hair of women who are supposed to be congregants has sparked outrage among some Ghanaians.

The video shows the man of God asking his female congregants to take off their underwear for him to shave their pubic hair.

He makes reference to the book of Leviticus which instructs Christians to shave their pubic hair for a bath.

The supposed man of God publicly shaves the pubic hair of his female congregants and promises to have them take their bath in accordance with the said scripture.

Scores of women were seen seeing taking off their panties to undergo the spiritual cleansing in the video.

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The said video though according to Africa Feeds checks was part of a TV series produced by the said man of God called Pastor Blinks.

Videos on Pastor Blinks YouTube Channel appear to be portraying some of the happenings within some churches where self-acclaimed pastors manipulate their congregants into actions many deem unacceptable.

Some Ghanaians took to social media to express their disgust about the viral video.

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