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Ghana: Two lecturers ‘breached rules’ in sex-for-grades film

Ghana’s premier and prominent university has found two of its lecturers guilty of breaching its code of conduct after they were implicated in a sex-for-grades film.

The BBC’s Africa Eye’s sex-for-grades film implicated two lecturers of the University of Ghana, Prof Ransford Gyampo and Dr Paul Kwame Butakor in the scandal.

They were filmed allegedly making sexual advances towards some women who posed as students.

The university said those actions were against its rules.

The two lecturers will face a disciplinary commission after an investigation by the university found evidence that they had breached its code of conduct.

Although both men have denied any wrongdoing they were suspended in October to make way for the investigation.

According to the University, a fact-finding committee established that the two men went against the code of conduct.

The said code of conduct said staff “shall at all times comport themselves in ways that will enhance their image and that of the university”.

They had also gone against the rule that “no member of the university shall engage in a course of vexatious conduct… that is known to be unwelcome”.

The two lecturers could now face sanctions when they face a disciplinary committee.

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