Emulate more than China’s social media censorship: Nigerians dare govt

Nigerians reacted to the country’s call for social media regulation by tasking the government to match China’s development rather than simply emulating its social media censorship policies.

The e reactions followed a call for social media regulation by Nigerian first lady Aisha Buhari.

The first lady told the Nigerian Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs General Assembly and National Executive Council Meeting over the weekend that social media ought to be regulated before it gets out of hand.

“If China can control over 1.3 billion people on social media, I see no reason why Nigeria cannot attempt controlling only 180 million people,” she reportedly said.

“We should either fasten our seat belt, get up and do the needful or we will all regret it very soon.’‘

Nigerians online were not amused by the statement that comes as the senate considers a social media bill.

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