East African Safaris on Ground Ltd

East African Safaris on Ground is an indigenous and one of the premier East African safari company based in Kampala. We are a local Ugandan independent tour operator, fully registered, accredited and licensed in Uganda with our main ultimate and pride to offer and arrange the best possible memorable life time Uganda/ Rwanda safari experience with 30 years of combined expertise. We are large enough to handle big groups and still small enough to take care of each individual’s private safari. Each of our guides prides himself with verse knowledge and training in Wildlife of East Africa including Birds, Mammals, and Reptiles etc. They each have perfect command of the English language alongside other local African languages. Each one of them is dedicated to working hard to accommodate your special interests and needs and ensuring that you enjoy a safe, relaxed and memorable trip. We also Organize special language translator guides were need arises. Those can be French, Spanish, Dutch and German.

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