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DSS Is Credibility Deficient! By Adeola Soetan

I am sorry, I don’t and I can’t believe an organisation that has no service  integrity, the lawless and pathologically lying Department of State Services that gave three different ridiculous childish reasons/lies within a week why Omoyele Sowore was not immediately released after Justice Ijeoma Ojukwu of the Federal High Court, Abuja, granted him bail and only reluctantly obeyed days later after a contempt notice and another court order. 

DSS first claimed Sowore wouldn’t be released because the bail order was served after closing hours, later the story changed to nobody to collect him, then, they changed the tale to they wouldn’t release him to unruly mob, and the most ridiculous reason – they wouldn’t release Sowore to avoid being  knocked down by vehicle.

Was it not the same DSS that denied that its armed men didn’t invade the National Assembly during Bukola Saraki’s leadership before Vice President, Yemi Osinbajo, who was Acting President at the time, fired the DG of DSS. 

Even in their public refutal, they repeated their boring monotonous generational lies – in their imagination, they always ‘confirm’ plans by some people to disrupt Nigeria and yet after the scare, there won’t be any disruption and nobody would be arrested as confirmed agents of disruption. Big budget!

They made this scaring claim also before the last governorship elections in Bayelsa and Kogi states, yet, they were not able to prevent the ‘tatata tata’ electoral gangsterism in Kogi.

This has always been the pattern even  before President Muhammadu Buhari. We recall how DSS invaded APC Media and Propaganda Social Media Centre in Lagos and created a big scare of an alleged masterplan of the then ‘opposition’ party to distrupt Nigeria. Many Nigerians of good conscience stood firmly to condemn the act of trying to close the democratic space and breached rights.

I remember how Lai Mohammed, the then ‘opposition’ spokesperson and propaganda-in-chief became restless and was addressing media every hour like a parrot on steroid and singing like  a canary bird. 

Today, unfortunately, the same Lai Mohammed and some members of the now  ‘Abobaku Orchestra’ who were then rightly and fiercely against DSS lies and Jonathan regime attempt to militarise the democratic space are the same people doing the worse of attacks and believe same DSS lies. What a life of unprincipled power-drunk bourgeois politicians and their supporters! 

Well, let DSS first work on its credibility and integrity before people like me will start believing them. They caused the scene by coming to court with armed and masked men when they could have contacted Femi Falana (SAN), Sowore’s lawyer.

By the way, if Sowore had broken his bail condition as they claimed, why can’t DSS go back to Ojukwu’s court with evidence and apply for a revocation of the bail? Why the ambush and pre-arresting him before going to court? That’s lawlessness.

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