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DOMESTIC VIOLENCE and ABUSE: Shouldn’t women share a mini-portion of the blame?

It’s both our prayers, that men who are domestic abusers, “burn in hell and rot away in agony!” Oh yeah, I totally do agree with the vengeful prayer request, but hit the brakes for a moment… I think there’s probably another way to look at it. With the flourishing rate of domestic violence in almost all metropolitan and rural societies, I got deeply and quite adventurously curious to look up its major causes. Well, as anticipated, I was certainly left puzzled! Among the numerous causes of domestic violence I was…

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Why Online Dating Advice Could Ruin Your Relationship

The internet has programmed itself, into a non-degree awarding college of diverse knowledge, where almost everyone suddenly runs to for a quick fix on how to polish what’s left of their relationship, or dust dwindling emotions off, without necessarily having to endure long hours of exhaustive classroom lectures. The internet is saturated with so much misconception, through the assumed ‘conventional standards’ it believes every relationship must meet up with, for it to be considered ideal and not toxic. So, it begins to proffer solutions… “5 Reasons Why He Or She…

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Gospel Preachers And Their ‘God-given’ Prophecies of Doom!

With the torrid economic hardship witnessed across Africa, the resilient people device alternative means of keeping themselves happy and earning a living (however decent and otherwise). The decent means, often include: Seeking respite in religion, with hopes of a sudden miraculous turnaround in both personal and metropolitan adversities. “If manna fell from heaven in biblical times, a lot more can fall in the 21st century” some poor Africans mutter to themselves, as they troop in large numbers to their various Christian worship centres, equipped with a keen sense of expectation,…

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Malawi is a Nation in Search of Redemption says Catholic Church group

“Having soberly reflected on our beloved country’s socio-economic and political context, we note with dismay that while our country continues on a path of peace, Malawi continues to draw global attention for all the wrong reasons”, reads Statement from the Catholic Commission for Justice and Peace. Called by our mandate to contribute towards the mission of the Catholic Church in Malawi in the creation of a God-fearing, Just and Peaceful Malawian Society that promote integral development and lasting peace, we, the Justice and Peace Secretaries issue this statement in order…

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The inside story of how Anas took on Ghana’s corrupt judiciary

AnasJustice! is an explosive Al Jazeera English documentary about Anas Aremeyaw Anas’s undercover crusade to rid Ghana of judicial corruption once and for all.

Over a period of two years, the award-winning investigative journalist secretly filmed 12 Ghanaian High Court judges, 22 other judges, and 140 court officials accepting bribes. While exposing their corruption, his actions also led to the release of alleged murderers and rapists.


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Africa: DHL’s deliveries just got stranger

SumeshJOHANNESBURG, South-Africa, January 30, 2014— DHL Express ( recently released its annual list of quirky, strange and speedy delivery requests for 2013 which ranged from delivering nine gorillas across two continents, to transporting the Webb Ellis trophy and a specific heart internal defibrillator. In addition to these global shipments, a few more interesting packages which were delivered closer to home have come to light and are worth mentioning

According to Sumesh Rahavendra, Head of Marketing for DHL Express Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA), within the SSA region there has been an increase in strange food delivery requests with each passing year. He says that it is now becoming an increasingly interesting exercise to pin-point which deliveries stand out above the rest.


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Lightening kills 8 church-goers in Malawi

Map Of MalawiBlantyre, Malawi, Dec. 29 (Raphael Tenthani/MaraviPost) _ An extended prayer service ended tragically in the Malawi capital, Lilongwe, when a bolt of lightening struck a congregation, killing at least eight people, including one child, police confirmed Sunday.

Police spokesman Kingsley Dandaula told maravipost members of the Seventh Day Adventist Church in the capital’s high density Area 36 were attending an extended prayers service to mark the last Sabbath of the year when the lightening struck.

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