Big Decisions OP-ED Opinions 

Waiting To Make The ‘Perfect Decision’ Is The Wrong Decision

The outcome of every decision we make is not always guaranteed to measure up to our expectations, regardless of our well-thought-out plans, hard work or plausible calculations. It’s not entirely within our powers to influence the eventual result of our decisions to either turn out good or bad. One could make the seemingly perfect decision of settling for a prominent career after a thorough evaluation of his or her corresponding skill set, but still turn out woeful at it. Another, could make a somewhat terrible decision to settle for a…

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We Can Change A Few People OP-ED Opinions 

We Can’t Change the World, but We Can Change A Few People

The world will hardly ever be as peaceful and conducive for living as we imagine or hope for it to be. Therefore, changing the world will continue to be exactly what it ought to be: ‘A Utopian Dream!’   We’d continually need to readjust ourselves to cohabit with fraudsters, terrorists, kidnappers, armed robbers, rapists, domestic abusers, corrupt politicians, extortionist preachers, promoters of gender discrimination, religious/cultural extremists and other variety of criminals we can’t seem to get rid of, since humans aren’t wired to live alone. I guess, that’s one heck…

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Young African OP-ED Opinions 

African Day of the Child: is Africa really taking care of the young?

In Malawi students from primary schools were just smoked with tear gas a few days ago, and some of them are celebrating their Day in police holding cells.   The people in power who, happen to be the parents of the young are instructing the police to wound and injure the very generation that has its day today – June 16.   Youth make the majority of the population of the continent of Africa, but youth are denied opportunities and access to not only quality education, but education. Please follow…

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Indigenous Greeting Culture Opinions 

Why We Must Evolve Our Indigenous Greeting Culture

There are values Africans hold on to quite strongly, that people who are considered to be of “Advanced Civilization” rarely concern themselves with. One of which, is the slightly weird nature of our indigenous greeting culture.   Greeting is a traditional African trait. In a stiff cultural environment like the African society where one’s character is constantly being examined, greeting can brighten one’s chances of making a good first impression. To the elderly, greeting plays a role in evaluating one’s level of morals. It also creates the opportunity of discerning…

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Knowledge OP-ED Opinions 

Opinion: Our current knowledge will be a lie in the future

Knowledge is an easily acquired unreliable asset! The continuous reliance on whatever portrays an individual as “knowledgeable” can likewise, portray the same individual as clueless and outdated in the long run. Every knowledge is vulnerable to inferiority when a superior knowledge is diligently dug out of it’s mystery. In other words, whatever we currently know and believe to be true, is subject to change when a higher knowledge shows up! Please follow and like us:

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jehovah witness Lifestyle OP-ED Opinions 

Jehovah’s Witnesses Don’t Belong With The Rest Of The World!

The “Good News” as presented by our smooth-talking, modestly dressed and frequent unexpected guests- The Jehovah’s Witnesses, who by the way, always tend to show up at the wrong time, isn’t as particularly exciting as it sounds. Asides the willingness of Witnesses, who are always equipped with materials to engage you in either brief or extensive debates (depending on your energy level and willpower for the day) in defense of their claim as the only “true religion” while others are viewed as “demonically inspired” (which could piss you off a…

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OP-ED Opinions 

Male Child Preference And The Evil of Gender-Selective Abortions

  Top of the wish list of most ‘expecting’ first-time mums, as required or demanded by their husbands, extended family or society (whether verbally requested or emotionally concealed), is primarily centered on the divine prospects of birthing a male child. However, the eventual arrival of a female child, in some cases, don’t turn out as glorifying as it would, if it were on the reverse. This situation (depending on the environment/culture), could be anything but pleasant for women who’ve accumulated more female children for themselves, in their series of consistent…

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Breast Protest in Uganda OP-ED Opinions 

Fight For Fairness And Justice, But Not Equality!

Let’s begin on the premise that whatever theoretical knowledge we’ve acquired, that affirms the equality of all men, is wrong, fictional and in direct contradiction to the original truth! It’s almost unobtainable to say “All Men Are Equal” and relax in the same sentence, without naturally having a little hunch in your spirit, which tends to agree otherwise… Our academic and faith-based curriculums, have ridden us off the map, as we naively continue to cling to the moral belief that all men are equal. Well, we aren’t! (by whatever yardstick).…

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Akrich (Marrakech) of Moroccan Muslim and Jewish peop OP-ED Opinions 


Atheists in Zimbabwe are sheep in wolves’ clothing; they face a great deal of prejudice from the religious community and are afraid to come out as who they are.   This is a challenge for the secular community as it has to face a lot of hostility from the fundamental religious community in Zimbabwe. I remember how I invested a lot of emotional energy into Christianity when I was religious. Please follow and like us:

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Opinions Southern Africa Southern. Africa 

Zimbabwe: Dangers of an Exclusively Religious Nation

I was born and raised in Zimbabwe and I never got to witness the struggle that brought my country independence. I grew up enchanted by stories of the liberation struggle and as a child, one of my many ambitions was to become a soldier…apart from being a superhero with super powers. Like everyone else born after independence, I was referred to as a “Born Free.” It is a title that hints a great degree of privilege: we were born in the right time period of the right country. This is…

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