Minority-rights Nigeria Opinions 

Nigeria and Rights of Religious and Sexual Minorities at the UN

By Leo Igwe Once again, Nigeria has been rebuked for its homophobic stance at the United Nations. In a statement that its representative delivered at the ongoing session of the Human Rights Council, the International Humanist and Ethical Union (now Humanists International) urged Nigeria to rethink its official hostile disposition towards gays and atheists. Nigeria has been asked to uphold the rights of sexual and religious minorities. It is sad that Nigeria has become a global ‘advocate’ of the persecution of minorities. Incidentally, within Nigeria, there is so much talk about the…

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South American Security Forces Africa Opinions 

An Open Letter to All Journalists

By Arlene J. Schar and Dr. David R. Leffler Terrorism has taken a disturbing turn with the horrific murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi. Apparently the intent of this murder was to send a message to all journalists dedicated to thoughtful criticism of government. Therefore, what would be the most appropriate journalistic response to such blatant censorship? Is it to continue to report in good conscience, and risk brutal death? Or is it to step away from any controversial reporting and deny the truth to those who need to hear it? There is…

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Net worthy Lifestyle Opinions 

When Your Net-worth Threatens Your Self-worth

Society don’t care what value you create. If you aren’t getting rewarded with an obese paycheck, you aren’t doing nothing. Well, shame on society. Finding fulfillment in the service you render (even on a volunteer job) is the biggest reward. Monetary remuneration is only an added advantage. Every once in a while, I get approached by publications across Africa, requesting I contribute my thoughts to their platforms. I oblige for free, and it drives a few people crazy. In their words, “You write for all these publications? You must be…

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Shia Insurrection In Saudi Arabia Middle East Middle East Opinions 

Shia Insurrection In Saudi Arabia; The Battle For Awamiya

By Thomas C. Mountain Since May, 2017 an ongoing insurgency has been raging in the Shia heartland town of Awamiya in eastern Saudi Arabia and its only thanks to the BBC being allowed to enter the area and film the destruction that the world can see how the House of Saud’s war against the Shia population of Yemeni has now expanded to include the Shia population of eastern Saudi Arabia. The BBC World report shown on Wednesday, August 16, seemed to have come from Syria, with al-Zara, the ancient Shia capital…

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HUman Rights? OP-ED Opinions 

Can our Human Rights come in handy this year?

If you know your Rights, you’re to blame for every Human Rights violation which you let slide right under your nose. If you aren’t aware of your Rights, you’re slightly worse. People who are equipped with the knowledge of their Rights but do not teach others, or calmly watch the Rights of other people get violated, ridicules the knowledge of their own Human Rights.   However frequent or limited in practice, Human Rights abuse is part of the make-up of every society—whether Third World or civilized. If many more people…

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superstitions OP-ED Opinions 

Superstition: Africa’s worst nightmare after poverty

Every part of the world has had their fair share of ignorance; especially, the naivety that accompanies the weird beliefs people grow into believing. But while other continents seem to be gradually moving away from superstition, Africa strives really hard on a daily basis to retain exclusive rights. So much for her ego as the ‘Dark Continent’ I suppose.   African culture is deeply rooted in different kinds of superstitious beliefs. But the great fear of wizardry, is a particularly disturbing one. Nothing terrifies the mind of the average home-bred…

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Bandwagon OP-ED Opinions 

Rid Yourself of The ‘Bandwagon Effect’ And Take Full Control of Your Life

The more people believe in a thing, the easier it becomes to gradually lure other people into jumping on the bandwagon in agreement. The bandwagon effect, has proven to be a strong mind-controlling force which drags people into abandoning their own opinion in acceptance of a more popular one. One can’t tell for sure if doing something a certain way is right or wrong, as long as other people are doing it, it sure feels right! Ironically, a huge number of the Twenty-First Century population, would rather be informed by…

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What Kills People OP-ED Opinions 

People Only Die From What’s Meant To Kill Them

‘Something must kill a man!’ As heartwarming and pleasant as that phrase sounds, it’s a nagging reminder that neither of us will be lucky to get out of Earth alive! Well, of course, except the Astronauts. Nevertheless, you get to live for as long as your cause of death is yet to catch up with you. Your own time of passing, although, not entirely up to you to decide, may be partly dependent on what you do or believe in. One’s fate or cause of death can be delayed, depending…

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ICC Africa OP-ED Opinions 

International law / international relations, the hideous imposture of the West

According to certain definition, international law is a set of legal rules and regulations that govern relations between sovereign states (the state) and or individuals in an international cross border framework. A State may indicate its agreement and obligatory position in such a relationship in several ways, and specifically in accordance with any final codified provisions of the/a treaty that legislates for such. A treaty being the/a written instrument that is utilized internationally for legal governance for most sovereign agreement. The most common ways include definitive signature, ratification, acceptance or…

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Elections OP-ED Opinions 

Presidential Elections Only Produce Flukes In Nigeria. Here’s Why

Almost every Nigerian of voting age, has an ideal choice of candidate whose profile they believe, is worthy of bringing the desired change; (in local parlance), the “un-APC like” kind of change the country hankers for at this time. However, the ‘best candidates’ are not exactly known to win elections in Nigeria. Neither are they known to belong to the clan of political gladiators, or the adopted political sons and daughters of pioneer kingmakers/godfathers. Interestingly, it doesn’t require rocket science to meet the most relevant criteria that propels one to…

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