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Voice Search and its impact on the Hospitality Industry

In years past, there was a dominant form of agricultural practice – sharecropping. A landlord would rent out his land, and farmers would rent it and pay in harvested crops. There was usually no other way for the farmer to get land, so the landlord was king!   Today, decades later, the king and farmer are still tied in a forced romance, only today, we call the king Google, and the farmers – brands in the hospitality sector. Save for a few like AirBnB that have managed to create a…

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Future Hotel Room Lifestyle Tourism Tourism & Travel 

The Hotel Room of the Future

Take a spin back to 1950, and you’ll be sure to find a well written and animated article on the subject – the hotel room of the future. It’s an interesting subject for players in the hotel space, a culmination of unhinged literary creativity, and fairly logical projections based on the trends and technology of the day.   More than ever, hoteliers will in the future strive to offer unique and personalised experiences to the guest, and to immerse him in an environment that is closest to his ideal throughout…

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Durban Getaways Tourism 

Barriers to facilitating travel in Africa

Africa’s travel and tourism sector continues to make major strides, accounting for 7.8% of African GDP (US $ 165 billion) in 2016. However, there remains challenges that hinder simplification of travel especially for Africans travelling within Africa. Speaking during the just concluded INDABA 2017, Africa’s top travel show held in Durban – Kwa Zulu Natal, South Africa from 16th-18th; Jumia Travel CEO Paul Midy identified four main barriers to democratizing travel in the continent, as published on the INDABA Daily News Magazine. Please follow and like us:

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Lake Malawi Ilala Getaways Tourism 

Malawi’s Ilala Ferry

The Ilala has chugged up and down Lake Malawi each week since 1951. On its 6 day round trip the Ilala travels over 400km from Monkey Bay to Chilumba near the lake’s northern end, with 13 stops along the way. Although Lake Malawi is totally landlocked, at 365 miles long, 52 miles wide and up to 700m deep you’d be forgiven for thinking you’d arrived at the coast! This vast body of freshwater fringed by beaches of golden sand offers a plethora of water sport opportunities for those looking for…

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Kim Jong-un (Chosŏn'gŭl: 김정은 Lifestyle OP-ED 

Nigerian Prophet TB Joshua Speaks Again On North Korea

Nigerian Prophet T.B. Joshua reminded his teeming followers on Facebook today about a prophetic message he released almost two weeks ago about the volatile nation of North Korea.  On Sunday April 16th 2017, Joshua thanked his congregants and viewers for their prayers, referring to a previous prophetic message he gave about mounting tensions between the super-power nations. During his message, the cleric then referred to the missile test conducted by North Korea, adding that their leader Kim Jong-Un would not relent in testing such weapons in order to show his…

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jehovah witness Lifestyle OP-ED Opinions 

Jehovah’s Witnesses Don’t Belong With The Rest Of The World!

The “Good News” as presented by our smooth-talking, modestly dressed and frequent unexpected guests- The Jehovah’s Witnesses, who by the way, always tend to show up at the wrong time, isn’t as particularly exciting as it sounds. Asides the willingness of Witnesses, who are always equipped with materials to engage you in either brief or extensive debates (depending on your energy level and willpower for the day) in defense of their claim as the only “true religion” while others are viewed as “demonically inspired” (which could piss you off a…

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Modern Parenting Lifestyle OP-ED 

Modern Civilization vs Biblical Method Of Parental Discipline

The irreconcilable catfight between modern civilization and some basic tenets of the Bible, continues to degenerate in different dimensions. One of which, includes: Choosing the most appropriate method of parental discipline. Sequel to the heightened attention human/child rights receive globally (well, at least in countries of advanced civilization), people of divergent opinions- Atheists, ex-Christians, liberal and non-committal Christians, and many other categories of freethinkers, consider it a failure and large indiscretion on the part of the Bible, to suggest the use of the “rod” in enforcing discipline on a child.…

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judas iscariot Lifestyle OP-ED 

Why it is treacherous to disrespect Judas Iscariot!

The Christian Easter festivities have hurriedly come and gone, but one name has remarkably stayed stuck on the lips of a large portion of Christians. As often the case every year, this mysterious name continues to grow even more popular than the celebrated occasion. Judas Iscariot: A name notoriously synonymous with greed, betrayal and treason. A name heavily loathed by children, despised by adults and provides every preacher with a great point of reference to knock a sermon into shape, and get a sober audience nodding along. A name famous…

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Lifestyle OP-ED 

How To Remain Bosom Friends With The Law!

However minor, severe or abominable, almost everybody commits crime! The adorable part is, not everybody gets caught! Likewise, not everyone who gets caught, gets convicted. The law is a shrewd old busy woman who’s got her hands full everyday, so she bothers very little about the truth. The ‘truth’ according to her job description, is the assembling of “factual evidence” which although may be crafted in falsehood, can also be proven beyond all reasonable doubt! Doesn’t it feel a bit awkward, how one could be innocent but extremely guilty at…

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Atheist Lifestyle OP-ED 

Invisibility of Atheism: Exploring the Phenomenon of Worldly Religion in Africa

Atheism is a term that is not often associated with Africa and Africans. Studies have rather linked both ancient and modern Africa to religion and theism. The overwhelming impression is that Africans are hard-wired to mystical thinking and magic. In fact, a scholar of religion, John Mbiti, described Africans as notoriously religious. Of course, many events that take place in Africa attest to this ‘notoriety’, whether it is the new religious movements that are emerging in different parts of the region, the violent campaign to implement Sharia by Boko Haram…

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