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A 14-year-old girl from Botswana who has gained national attention for her academic achievements has explained that one of her inspirations is Nigerian cleric TB Joshua and his popular channel Emmanuel TV.  According to a reportpublished in Mmegi, Botswana’s most-read newspaper: “In a rare development, a 14-year-old Form 2 student, Naomi Higgins has lifted Nxakato Junior Secondary School’s flag high after obtaining the only Junior Certificate Examinations (JCE) A grade overall pass.” The newspaper explained that Higgins surprisingly outperformed all her seniors despite studying simultaneously with two different year groups. “I…

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Can Carob Save a Nation?

Benefits of Carob Now and Then and Its Potential for Sustainable Development in Morocco. by Nora Martetschläger The carob tree has been appreciated for its various features throughout the ages. Nowadays, people are starting to rediscover this amazing plant. It is both a wild growing forest tree, and an easy to cultivate fruit tree. Because of this combination, the carob tree lends itself to a wide range of uses, thus making it the perfect tree to solve many of Morocco’s pressing economic and environmental issues. But what is it that…

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Why 112 Chibok girls may never be rescued from Boko Haram terrorists

Prominent for facilitating the release of 103 Chibok girls from the Boko Haram insurgents, Zannah Bukar Mustapha, a Nigerian lawyer and educator was on Saturday, October 19, unveiled as a finalist for the 2019 Aurora Prize for Awakening Humanity in Yerevan, Armenia. Aside from his valiant efforts in negotiating with the hierarchy of the dreaded Islamic sect for the release of some of the abducted school girls, Mr Mustapha is also renowned for providing free education to children and orphans of Boko Haram fighters. In this interview with Nimi Princewill,…

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137,000 people forced to flee their homes this year in Somalia East Africa Latest 

137,000 people forced to flee their homes this year in Somalia

Displacement of families is rising with evictions, conflict and drought the top causes. “We are seeing a tragic trend this year, with more and more people displaced by drought and conflict in Somalia. Seeking aid to survive, families flee to urban areas, erecting makeshift shelters wherever they can. This leaves them vulnerable to evictions, adding to their already desperate situation,” says Kennedy Mabonga, Regional Programme Director for the Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC). Over 137,000 people fled their homes in the first quarter of 2019, according to the UNHCR led Protection…

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Miracle in Malawi, Women who died twenty years ago has risen from the grave

A girl identiefied as Mercy Chibwana from Namulenga village in Mulanje, has resurrected after she died 20 years ago, police have confirmed. Mulanje police spokesperson Gresham Ngwira, said the girl, now a woman reappeared in the district ‪on Wednesday morning. Ngwira said the girl died in 1997 while she was in form 2. Follow and like us:2 0

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Should CNN be kicked out of Africa?

As CNN and the western media cheered and encouraged  the over throw of Brother  Gadhafi in Libya the question is whose side is CNN on?. According to CNN Sabha — a dusty city southwest of Tripoli — has long been considered a staunch pro-Moammar Gadhafi stronghold, but many of its residents greeted fighters from the new government warmly as they rolled into the city Tuesday. This according to people in Sabha is not true and the NATO led rebels will have a tough time controlling the city. Most African leaders…

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