Muhammadu Buhari Nigeria OP-ED 

Buhari: Stop the Killing and Persecution of Shiites in Nigeria

By Leo Igwe It is time to call the Nigerian President, Muhammadu Buhari, to order over the mindless slaughter and persecution of the members of the Shi’a Islamic organization in the country. It is time to get Buhari to end the slaughtering of innocent citizens. The Nigerian president must end this state-orchestrated bloodshed that has led to massive loss of lives and the forced disappearance of many Shiites in the country. Since Buhari became the president in 2015, he has not hidden his hateful and hostile disposition towards this minority religious organization.…

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Banish Illiteracy in Nigeria Nigeria OP-ED 

Charred Remains of Literacy in Nigeria

Sixty-five million Nigerians are illiterates, according to UNESCO. Nevertheless, the year has been moderately fine for Nigeria, having fared favorably in enviable awards, such as ranking big as the world’s 148th Least Corrupt Country, and topping the list of African countries who live and bath in alcohol. Indeed, a giant of Africa! Nigeria has also recorded outstanding performances in harboring unschooled killer-herdsmen who invade the farms of communities, and destroy lives when resisted, just so their beloved cattle can eat. The most remarkable, is Nigeria’s consistent history of electing fairly…

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Joshua Leaders Nigeria 

President Mnangagwa snubs prophet TB Joshua

By Muza Mpofu Popular Nigerian preacher Temitope Balogun Joshua (TB Joshua) left Harare on Friday night after failing to meet President Emmerson Mnangagwa under unclear circumstances. The government said the Nigerian had no scheduled meeting with Mnangagwa amid reports that the organisers bungled. Vice-President Kembo Mohadi and Scholarships minister Christopher Mushohwe met TB Joshua, who was said to be eager to meet Mnangagwa. Please follow and like us:

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Nigeria WitchCraft Nigeria 

Nigeria: Three Children Tortured for Witchcraft in Cross River State

A local non-governmental organization, the Basic Rights Counsel Initiative (BRCI), in Calabar has just released horrific images of three children who were tortured for witchcraft in Cross River State in Southern Nigeria. Grace 3, Lillian 5, and Juliet 13 narrowly escaped death after their accusers tried to extract confessions from them. According to local sources, the parents of Grace, Lillian and Juliet are dead. So the three children have until recently been living with their grandmother. The grandmother has been ill for some time. She has AIDS and accused the…

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Nigeria Military Nigeria 

What’s The Military Doing To Our Loved Ones?

A while back, a close friend of mine and neighbor, decided to pursue his dream of joining the Nigerian Army. Was it a cool decision for his friends and family? Yes. Were we expecting him to preserve a chunk of his admirable gentle nature—which we all loved him for, despite the rigors of military training? I didn’t see why not! Anyway, he successfully scaled through selection and began active service. He visited home whenever he could, but everyone could tell he obviously wasn’t the same person. His first strange behavior…

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Ghabo Ivory Coast West Africa 

ICC judges ordered to review freeing I.Coast ex-leader Gbagbo

The Hague  – Judges must review whether to release the ageing former Ivory Coast leader Laurent Gbagbo for the rest of his crimes against humanity trial, an appeals court ruled Wednesday. Gbagbo, the first ex-head of state to be tried by the International Criminal Court, won his appeal against a March decision which ordered him to be held in a UN detention centre until the end of the legal process. Five appeals court judges found the trial judges had “erred” on several points by refusing the 72-year-old an interim release,…

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Nigeria OP-ED West Africa 

Nigerian Churches Evangelize To The Wrong People

In line with modern realities, the current yardstick for measuring the success of a pentecostal church in Nigeria, begins with an estimation of the church’s net worth (which can be derived from the size and elegance of its cathedral), to most importantly, taking a look at how largely populated its loyal congregation is. Both of these necessities are highly fancied by most churches, hence, their increased desire for more “souls”. If one should do the math right; the larger the multitude, the greater the revenue to be acquired (even though…

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Male Math Teacher Nigeria OP-ED West Africa 

A teacher’s reward is in heaven while poverty beckons on earth!

Becoming a teacher in Nigeria, doesn’t exactly align with the prayers of most young Nigerians who seek God’s direction in their search for a glamorous future occupation. Try suggesting the teaching profession to an intending “Jambite” and you’d almost certainly be rebuked for your unreasonable statement, with a fervent “God Forbid!” to ensure such absurd wish never come to pass! Aside from the snide remarks which undergraduates studying education struggle to endure on a daily basis from peers of other disciplines (which are considered to be more honorable and economically…

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Boko Haram Joke lands students in Jail West Africa 

Cameroon: Thousands worldwide demand release of students jailed for sharing Boko Haram joke

Appeal trial set for 15 June after several delays More than 300,000 letters and petitions from people around the world have been sent to Cameroonian President Paul Biya calling on him to release three students each sentenced to 10 years in prison by a military court for sharing a joke by SMS about Boko Haram, Amnesty International revealed today. As part of the organization’s annual Write for Rights campaign 2016, over 310,000 actions were taken from people across the globe asking that Fomusoh Ivo Feh and his friends, Afuh Nivelle…

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