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An Illuminating Farmer-to-Farmer Story in Morocco

By Yossef Ben-MeirMarrakech Bill Nichols served as a volunteer consultant to the High Atlas Foundation (HAF) through the Farmer-to-Farmer Program (F2F) for two weeks in January 2020. Originally from New Mexico, now residing in Boston, Bill collaborated as an F2F volunteer with four of HAF’s tree nursery cooperatives in southern Morocco. He was tasked with improving their productivity. One immediate benefit of his visits with Moroccan farmers at these sites is that he was able to share not only his technical and business skills but also to find ways for…

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A Model to Achieve the Model for Development in Morocco

By Yossef Ben-MeirThere may be irony in Morocco now reconsidering and revamping its development model, which is its national guiding frameworks for social and environmental fulfillment. I have long been and remain a believer in Morocco’s existing frameworks for the people’s development. There is, after all, a lot to like. Municipalities are to create development plans made from the participation of all communities and groups. Environmental management is understood to integrate the local people. Agricultural programs seek to achieve the value-chain with communities of small landholders. Morocco is committed to…

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The Benghazi Attack: The Forgotten History of the 2012 Attack on the U.S. Embassy in Libya

If you say “September 11” most people automatically think of the attacks on the World Trade Center buildings and the Pentagon on September 11, 2001. What they probably don’t even remember happened on September 11, were the attacks on the United States Embassy in Benghazi, Libya, in 2012. Once the Libyan Revolution began in February 2011, the CIA began placing assets in the region, attempting to make contacts within the region. Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens, whose name and image would soon become synonymous with the Benghazi attacks, was the first liaison between the United States and…

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Can Carob Save a Nation?

Benefits of Carob Now and Then and Its Potential for Sustainable Development in Morocco. by Nora Martetschläger The carob tree has been appreciated for its various features throughout the ages. Nowadays, people are starting to rediscover this amazing plant. It is both a wild growing forest tree, and an easy to cultivate fruit tree. Because of this combination, the carob tree lends itself to a wide range of uses, thus making it the perfect tree to solve many of Morocco’s pressing economic and environmental issues. But what is it that…

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Moroccan Agriculture and Rural Development

By Dr. Yossef Ben-Meir Marrakech In recent years, Morocco has put in place the right frameworks for mobilizing rural communities to advance the nation’s sustainable development goals, yet it falls woefully short when it comes to implementation. As someone who has been engaged in rural development in Morocco for the past 26 years, I have analyzed how these frameworks can work together and complement each other. Since 2000, I have led a Moroccan-U.S. civil organization that assists local communities in their identification and management of priority development projects—in agriculture, education,…

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Morocco: Youth Entrepreneurship in Community

by Dr. Yossef Ben-Meir – Marrakech, Morocco Moroccan youth today, whether urban or rural based, face enormous obstacles in achieving their self-development and in creating the improvements they seek for their families, communities, country, and even for the world. As they know all too well, they are confronted with the statistical reality which confirms the more educational credits they have, the more their income expectation is proportionately diminished. The higher the level of education results in fewer employment options available for them to consider. The backdrop of having little faith…

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Women, children among those killed in Libyan airstrikes

Women and children dominate the death toll from the latest air strikes that took place in southern Libya. Libyan officials say at least 16 people were killed in two air attacks within 72 hours with government blaming forces loyal to military commander Khalifa Haftar. The Government of National Accord (GNA), based in Libya’s capital, Tripoli gave further details saying at least five children were killed. 10 others were also reported wounded from the attack that took place on Sunday during an air raid in Al-Swani, a residential area south of…

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Dozens killed after bus fell off cliff in Tunisia

Tunisian officials have said that at least 26 people were killed and 18 more injured when a bus fell off a cliff on Sunday. The bus fell into a ravine in the country’s north, while heading from Tunis to the picturesque mountain town of Ain Draham. The mountain town, near the Algerian border is well known as a popular autumn destination for tourists. The interior ministry said the bus with 43 people on board was travelling through the Ain Snoussi region at the time of the accident. Tunisia’s health ministry…

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Sudan dissolves party of ex-leader Omar al-Bashir

Sudan has passed a law dissolving the party of former leader Omar al-Bashir. The Sudanese transitional authorities approved the law on Thursday to dissolve the former ruling party. A law was also passed repealing a public order law that regulated women’s behaviour under Omar al-Bashir regime. Sudan’s justice minister, Nasredeen Abdelbari said the law to dissolve Bashir’s National Congress Party (NCP) also allows for the party’s assets to be seized. These moves according to local media are meant to “dismantle” the former regime. Bashir who seized power in a 1989…

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More African refugees from Libya arrive in Rwanda

More African migrants trapped in Libya and seeking refuge have arrived in Rwanda as part of a resettlement program. Those who arrived over the weekend are part of the third batch of refugees, who have been held in detention centres in Libya. The third group had 116 refugees and asylum seekers who were safely evacuated from Libya. Rwanda’s government said the migrants will be staying at Gashura transit centre, about 55km (34 miles) south of the capital, Kigali. That is the same place were the previous 189 refugees and asylum…

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