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Covid-19 and New World Religion: Crisis and Compromise

In an earlier article, I have noted the emergence of a new religion, a new global religion, the commonsense religion. I argued that the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic had yielded a religion that departed from the old. This new religion overrules the older religions because, in an attempt to contain the virus, old religions capitulated and new rules and ways of living and behaving emerged. A religion of expediency holds sway. Older religions are expected to follow and observe these new religious dictates. I have drawn attention to the fact…

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10 areas to apply Blockchain in healthcare

Many industry leaders are discussing blockchain — from the President of the United States to the Nigerian government. Despite all the global publicity, the blockchain idea still appears to be hard to get a handle on, which makes it a standout amongst the most misunderstood technological advances of 2017(1). Blockchain technology is a distributed database that allows users to share data globally and eliminate the need for the middleman or a “gatekeeper”. They have proven the robustness of Blockchain technology in its initial application, which was Bitcoin. We have now…

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Finish the job!

By Jennifer Fierberg It has been nearly 10 days of tense negotiation at the UN in order to solidify a strong Arms Trade Treaty that will protect human lives across the world. Between legal scrubbing, lobbying, educating, connecting and making sure everyone’s needs are met there is still a large gap where the lives of millions of people remain at risk. World leaders and their delegations are getting down to the business of closing loopholes but there is still a dire need for stronger language in the area of diversions,…

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About the global village

Africa Global village is a community of african bloggers  around the world who work together to bring you reports from blogs and citizen media everywhere, with emphasis on voices that tell the story from an African Prespective.   The Rise of Online Citizen Media Large media conglomeletes are funded by western and Eastern powers. While most of them covers african affairs even handedly it is our contention that they see Africa with different eyes. We plan to build the Africa Global  village project into a very powerful african voice. One…

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