Breaking News: Panic engulfs Kagame regime as Brig Gen. Tom Byabagamba is also arrested.

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Brig Gen Tom Byabagamba with one of his sisters sometime back

Brig Gen. Tom Byabagamba from the Rwanda Defence Forces and a former commander of the Kagame’s Security   has been arrested. Inyenyeri news has learnt from the reliable sources that Kagame had sent him to command the notorious Kami Barracks which has not only a death field but a torturing ground for those perceived to be political opponents of the Kagame’s regime.

Inyenyeri news has further learnt that, Brig Gen Tom Byabagamba has declined the Kagame offer as this will bring him in the line with killing and torturing of his own relatives. Accordingly, Tom who is a brother to Dr. David Himbara would not have accepted to preside over the torture of his in laws like Gen. Frank Rusagara and other former comrades like Capt David Kabuye and many more who are like to follow as RDF if further disintegrates..

Brig Gen. Tom Byagamba is the husband of Mary Baine also a former Permanent secretary in the Ministry of foreign affairs who together with Col. Rose Kabuye the wife of Cpt. David Kabuye are under constant interrogation and Big brother cameras.

Mary Baine

Mary Baine

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Col Rose Kabuye

Where is this leading to? Obviously, RDF/RPF is in crisis with almost all the influential senior RPF mort related in one way or the other, we might be approaching  the cross road where Kagame might be cutting the only remaining branch that he is sitting on.


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