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Before Religious Houses Ruin What Is Left Of Our Lives, The Noisy Worship Must Stop By Sodiq Zainab

It saddens my heart to see how Nigerians can’t tell the difference between worshipping God and making noise. Before I pour out my mind, I will like make it clear to everyone that this is not an attack on any religion. I’m sure those of you who are religious but do not worship God will come for me, you are all welcome.

Dear church/mosque leaders, I understand that both of you worship God in your own unique ways and I truly believe in God and I even serve him but why do you make noise? Why do religious houses disturb the peace of our environment? Must we worship in noise?

I’m not saying worshipping God is making noise because a lot of people would get this wrong. 

Annoyingly, both mosques and churches disturb residential neighbourhoods with their noise by using loud and ear-unfriendly speakers that emit harsh sounds.

The extreme acceptance of religion in this part of the world has made it a sin for anyone to complain about these noises. Anyone who does is tagged a child of the devil or seen to be possessed with some demons from the pit of hell. They automatically see you as one who is trying to stop the religious houses from worshipping the God they believe in.

The loudness of the sounds that come from churches and mosques are enough to cause health hazards especially to those living close to these places of worship. This is further heightened when these religious places hold vigils. The noise is so much that I cannot go home on Friday night without thinking of the raucous chants, stamping feet, clapping hands and jarring drums. These blares add to my headache and sometimes are even the cause. Sometimes, I am unable to sleep until your vigil is over. Why?  Kilode?

According to a report by the World Health Organisation (WHO), exposure to prolonged or excessive noise can cause health problems ranging from stress, poor concentration, fatigue from lack of sleep and hearing loss.

It would please our churches and mosques to know that God didn’t say worship me by disturbing others before I will answer you, nor did he say use speakers louder than earth before I can hear you. So I wonder, why make life difficult for others?

I’m not saying we should not serve or worship him but the way you do it is wrong.

Although there is a law that restricts how loud noise coming from a building, place of worship or house can be, it has obviously been forgotten. It is only dusted and opened when the government finds a need to deploy it for political warfare.

A segment of the Lagos State law against noise pollution, which regulates sounds from clubs and religious homes in the state says that all religious houses are expected to operate within enclosed and soundproof environments.

They are also expected to regulate their use of speakers and give due consideration to neighbouring residents. The law states that “all religious houses shall ensure that midweek services and vigils are carried out with due consideration to the neighbouring residents.”

This is an appeal to the Lagos State Government to please ensure that churches and mosques limit the sound coming from their speakers to the confines of their religious houses.

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