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Sadia Ali
Sadia Ali Africa Global Village Contributor


A blog is probably the easiest way to start creating your online presence. Once you have your African blog you now need the power of The Africa Global Village to reach a wider audience.  Let your African views reach millions in the continent.

Our editors are looking for qualified African writers that are ready to make a name for themselves.  Our Editorial Team in Malawi and Atlanta USA want Quality stories. If more than ten of your stories are published your will receive the following:

  • Press Card and recognition as an Employeed reporter for an International Reporter
  • A monthly allowance from The Africa Global village
  • Your Own Page on the Africa global village website
  • FREE promotion of your blog or website

By becoming part of the Africa Global village team of reporters and bloggers you will engange Africa in a global conversation. The goal  of the Africa global village is to report news from an African persepective.

Start contributing.. Africa is listening are you talking?

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