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Beautiful African Women Featured in Pictures

Women from Africa have always had a unique charm. Most of these women have strong, able bodies and features, as though it was a gift from the goddess of hunting, Artemis herself. There are many women from the African continent who have redefined the term ‘beautiful’. So, without further ado, I present to you in pictures  some of the most beautiful African women. There no assigned order as all these way present have something unique to offer.

Sadia Ali
Sadia Ali Africa Global Village Contributor

One of the most dangerous countries in the world , rightly , considered Somalia – a country which is on the north-eastern part of Africa . In connection with the continuing armed ethnic and inter-party conflict , Somalia is a country without actually government. Because of bloody civil wars , many residents tend to leave their homeland as soon as possible . Worldwide Somali diaspora – the largest. The position of women in Somalia – one of the most humiliating and powerless, as well practiced here full amputation female genital. To this day, in this country there is no actresses or models, and those who aspire to become them or run away from the country at all, or may be severely their tribes punished or even killed. Somali top model Waris Dirie was the first woman who publicly condemned the practice of female circumcision, was appointed UN special envoy and to create a fund to combat FGM

African Women

Ethiopian women can make excessive claims for being one of those beautiful women existing on this planet. Their curves and contours along with their subtle

Welcome to Malawi modeling, an industry that is very misunderstood. Sometimes it’s not about what you do, but how you do it – hence we have a few names in the industry that play by the book. We have girls that when you look at, you need not to ask if they are models. Tall, slim, well toned bodies, clear skin…modeling is not just about being beautiful, its about having something different that separates you from the next girl! The last few years have seen a huge rise in girls aspiring to be models. Now that 2013 is planning an exit strategy, who has made it so far?

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