mayweather mcgregor OP-ED 

Education and Fancy Clothes Do Not Erase The Savage Nature of Humans

It hasn’t been long since a lot of us finally got our lives back—after enduring the massive media hype that surrounded the fight between Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather. Just like every other boxing match, it’s always a memorable night of having two consenting adults punch each other silly in the ring—until it gets to the fun part when one of them is lucky to unleash a knockout blow to the head of their opponent. Isn’t that always a delightful sight for boxing fans? You bet! Please follow and like…

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Find yourself Natural Health OP-ED 

Find Yourself First, Before You Find A Job

The economy only gets better on paper. The list of bills to pay are growing longer, and the influx of income—relatively thinner. We can’t deny the fact that a nine-to-five job, can come in quite handy now than ever.   However, aside from the customary routine of trying to stay alive, finding employment, making money, starting a family and raising cool kids, everybody wants a ‘little extra something’ out of life. Not everyone necessarily wants to be great or “change the world” like the crazy egocentric maniacs do, but every…

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superstitions OP-ED Opinions 

Superstition: Africa’s worst nightmare after poverty

Every part of the world has had their fair share of ignorance; especially, the naivety that accompanies the weird beliefs people grow into believing. But while other continents seem to be gradually moving away from superstition, Africa strives really hard on a daily basis to retain exclusive rights. So much for her ego as the ‘Dark Continent’ I suppose.   African culture is deeply rooted in different kinds of superstitious beliefs. But the great fear of wizardry, is a particularly disturbing one. Nothing terrifies the mind of the average home-bred…

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Bandwagon OP-ED Opinions 

Rid Yourself of The ‘Bandwagon Effect’ And Take Full Control of Your Life

The more people believe in a thing, the easier it becomes to gradually lure other people into jumping on the bandwagon in agreement. The bandwagon effect, has proven to be a strong mind-controlling force which drags people into abandoning their own opinion in acceptance of a more popular one. One can’t tell for sure if doing something a certain way is right or wrong, as long as other people are doing it, it sure feels right! Ironically, a huge number of the Twenty-First Century population, would rather be informed by…

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What Kills People OP-ED Opinions 

People Only Die From What’s Meant To Kill Them

‘Something must kill a man!’ As heartwarming and pleasant as that phrase sounds, it’s a nagging reminder that neither of us will be lucky to get out of Earth alive! Well, of course, except the Astronauts. Nevertheless, you get to live for as long as your cause of death is yet to catch up with you. Your own time of passing, although, not entirely up to you to decide, may be partly dependent on what you do or believe in. One’s fate or cause of death can be delayed, depending…

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ICC Africa OP-ED Opinions 

International law / international relations, the hideous imposture of the West

According to certain definition, international law is a set of legal rules and regulations that govern relations between sovereign states (the state) and or individuals in an international cross border framework. A State may indicate its agreement and obligatory position in such a relationship in several ways, and specifically in accordance with any final codified provisions of the/a treaty that legislates for such. A treaty being the/a written instrument that is utilized internationally for legal governance for most sovereign agreement. The most common ways include definitive signature, ratification, acceptance or…

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Elections OP-ED Opinions 

Presidential Elections Only Produce Flukes In Nigeria. Here’s Why

Almost every Nigerian of voting age, has an ideal choice of candidate whose profile they believe, is worthy of bringing the desired change; (in local parlance), the “un-APC like” kind of change the country hankers for at this time. However, the ‘best candidates’ are not exactly known to win elections in Nigeria. Neither are they known to belong to the clan of political gladiators, or the adopted political sons and daughters of pioneer kingmakers/godfathers. Interestingly, it doesn’t require rocket science to meet the most relevant criteria that propels one to…

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Ship MV-Doulos OP-ED Opinions 

My First Encounter With A Racist Was On The World’s Oldest Ship

It was the tail end of the year 2002, when the world’s oldest passenger ship at that time- MV Doulos, suddenly showed up in my town (Port Harcourt, Nigeria). “Were they lost? or were we headed for another round of slave trade?” I naively queried, as an eleven year old who was getting up to speed with History classes. MV Doulos, wasn’t exactly as glamorous as the Titanic (not like we cared), but it was certainly worth the hype. Schools within the town, took turns visiting the Doulos ship which…

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Big Decisions OP-ED Opinions 

Waiting To Make The ‘Perfect Decision’ Is The Wrong Decision

The outcome of every decision we make is not always guaranteed to measure up to our expectations, regardless of our well-thought-out plans, hard work or plausible calculations. It’s not entirely within our powers to influence the eventual result of our decisions to either turn out good or bad. One could make the seemingly perfect decision of settling for a prominent career after a thorough evaluation of his or her corresponding skill set, but still turn out woeful at it. Another, could make a somewhat terrible decision to settle for a…

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We Can Change A Few People OP-ED Opinions 

We Can’t Change the World, but We Can Change A Few People

The world will hardly ever be as peaceful and conducive for living as we imagine or hope for it to be. Therefore, changing the world will continue to be exactly what it ought to be: ‘A Utopian Dream!’   We’d continually need to readjust ourselves to cohabit with fraudsters, terrorists, kidnappers, armed robbers, rapists, domestic abusers, corrupt politicians, extortionist preachers, promoters of gender discrimination, religious/cultural extremists and other variety of criminals we can’t seem to get rid of, since humans aren’t wired to live alone. I guess, that’s one heck…

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