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Mubarak Bala: Blasphemy Allegations, Religious Oppression and Muslim Majority in Northern Nigeria

It is now almost four weeks since the police arrested Nigerian atheist, Mubarak Bala following a petition that he insulted the prophet of Islam. The police have, in the quest to appease the petitioners and the Islamist base, held Mr. Bala incommunicado, without access to lawyers and family members. The police have yet to charge him in court. And in an apparent endorsement of the detention, the Islamic establishment has remained silent in the face of this outrage. There has not been any press statement from Islamic organizations regarding the…

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COVID19: Pastor Died and Pastor Wants to Die

Recently a pastor died. A Cameroonian faith healer, Prophet Frankline Ndifor died a week after battling with the coronavirus. Ndifor’s death is linked to a violation of COVID19 guidelines. He was laying hands on those with confirmed cases of COVID19. A pastor has also died in Port Harcourt in a similar circumstance. There may have been some other unreported cases of faith healing pastors who have died after laying hands on COVID19 patients. This is a sad development. Some weeks ago, I urged the Nigerian authorities to sanction a pastor,…

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Mubarak Bala: Facebook Posts and Freedom of Expression

Some Muslims have asked the police to prosecute Nigerian Humanist, Mubarak Bala for making some posts on Facebook. They claim that his posts insulted the prophet of Islam. And for that reason, they want Mr. Bala penalized. Others are threatening to execute him. The police have arrested Mr. Bala and may soon charge him. In this piece, I argue that the police should unconditionally release Mr. Bala because what they said he did was not an offense against the state. I am aware that some Muslims are unhappy with the…

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Mubarak Bala: Why They Hate Him

For allegedly making posts and comments on his Facebook page which some Muslims interpreted as insults on the prophet of Islam, police in Nigeria arrested Mubarak Bala. They have detained and held him incommunicado for almost three weeks. The Islamic establishment has refused to speak out against this illegality and infringement on his fundamental human rights. In fact, some Muslims have threatened to kill Mr. Bala if he was not adequately punished by the ‘state’. It is important to ask, why do they hate Mubarak Bala? Why is there so…

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COVID19 and Snake Oil Salesmanship in Nigeria

As the world grapples with the coronavirus pandemic, and the search for a vaccine continues, many people are gullible and are easily swayed by peddlers of cures or solutions.There is so much fear and uncertainty in the communities. People are hoping for some miracle or magical remedy. However, charlatans are having a field day in places such as Nigeria. They are marketing all sorts of concoction and treatment even as scientists are still trying to understand the nature of the virus. Quacks are mining people’s desperation and vulnerability. Snake oil…

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We Are All Atheists By Leo Igwe

It is now over two weeks since police detectives arrested Nigerian atheist, Mubarak Bala in Kaduna in Northern Nigeria. His arrest was in connection with posts that he made on Facebook. The petitioners said that the posts insulted the prophet of Islam, Muhammad. Mr. Bala was transferred to Kano the following day but since then his whereabouts are unknown. He has been held incommunicado without access to a lawyer and family members. The police have not charged him in court. Meanwhile, there have been reports that a list of atheists,…

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Killing Those Who Insult Prophets And Religious Discontents in Nigeria

In the light of Mubarak Bala’s case, it has become pertinent to take a critical look at this idea of insulting prophets. This is because persons of a particular religion have always exercised the prerogative of making allegations of insulting their prophet and consequently threatening violence as if their prophet is the only prophet. As a standard for inter-religious interaction and communication, killing those who are adjudged to have insulted a prophet is unacceptable. It is not justifiable and does not reflect positively on any religion. This ritual of bloodletting…

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Police: Where is Mubarak Bala?

As it stands now, the fate of Mubarak Bala, Nigerian humanist who was arrested last week is unknown. Nobody is sure if Mr. Bala is alive or dead. If he is alive, no one knows the conditions of his detention. Mr. Bala was last seen on April 29, 2020, a day after police detectives from the Kano State Command arrested him in Kaduna. As soon as the information reached me that Mr. Bala was in the police custody, I contacted the Commissioner of Police (CP) in Kaduna and the Police…

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COVID19: Apostle Suleman And Five Thousand Dollar Healing Challenge By Leo Igwe

Once again I am challenging, the founder of Omega Ministries, Apostle Suleman, to heal a coronavirus patient and get a sum of money, this time a higher amount-five thousand US dollars. I am throwing the challenge one more time because Suleman has in his response refused to categorically accept or decline the offer. Suleman seemed to imply that the amount, which I had earlier advanced was little. Let’s not forget that in his widely circulated video, Apostle Suleman offered to heal COVID19 patients for free. Thus a thousand dollars offered…

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Mubarak Held Incommunicado in Kano

While the police authorities in Kano have confirmed that Nigerian Humanist Mubarak Bala is in their custody, they have not granted him access to a lawyer. He has been held incommunicado. The police arrested Mubarak in Kaduna three days ago following a complaint of insulting prophet Muhammad that some lawyers in Kano filed at the State Police Command. Mubarak was detained in Kaduna for a night before being transferred to Kano two days ago. Since taken to Kano, the police authorities have not allowed him to see his lawyer. The…

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