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Islam, Social Media and Rise of Atheism in Northern Nigeria

Atheism was the focus of a seminar by the Centre for Islamic Civilization and Interfaith Dialogue (CICID) at the Bayero University Kano. The seminar was held on September 12, 2019. Panelists explored the topic: Social Media and the Rise of Atheism among the Muslim Youths in Northern Nigeria. Causes, Consequences, and Recommendations. One wonders why this little known organization decided to focus on atheism. CICID is a research institute that was established in August 2015 in response to a lack of literature and knowledge regarding the contribution of Islam to…

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Liberty Church Mob Attack in Calabar: Ten Years After

Ten years ago today, members of the Liberty Gospel Church attacked and robbed me in Calabar. They invaded a conference that I organized to highlight abuses linked to witchcraft beliefs in the region. Harmful practices related to witchcraft beliefs are pervasive in Nigeria. However, Cross Rivers and Akwa Ibom states were notorious due to widespread abuses and abandonment of suspected witch children. Pervasive child witch hunts in the region had been linked to the activities (programs, publications, films) of Helen Ukpabio and her Liberty Gospel Church. Ukpabio claimed to be…

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UN: Witch Hunting Requires An International Response

Protection of citizens is one of the state’s most overarching obligations. Accordingly a modern State must fulfill or be made to fulfill this duty. This is because in our westphalian world order of nation states, the State is the central organ for social and political organization; the mechanism for the maintenance of law and order. The State is supposed to ensure the security of lives and property. Discussions on the Responsibility to Protect have mainly focused on four key areas. They are the prevention of genocide, war crimes, ethnic cleansing…

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Humanism and Discrimination against Women in Nigeria

Humanists in Nigeria marked this year’s world humanist day in style. The international humanist day is celebrated on June 21 every year, but humanists in Lagos organized on June 23 a special seminar that focused on the rights of women. At a time that the me-too movement is spreading across the globe and the ‘church-too’ version led to protests in Abuja and Lagos against the COZA pastor, it is pertinent that the humanist movement brings a perspective to the oppression and persecution of women. The Lagos chapter of the Humanist…

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Humanism and Transformation of Medical Missions in Nigeria

By Leo Igwe Humanism stands for change, for socio-cultural change and progress. And in Nigeria`s health sector, some change is imminent. The humanist movement is set to transform the landscape of medical and health care delivery because the medical sector is one area where religious privilege is quite pronounced. On June 23, 2019, the Humanist Association of Nigeria (HAN) recorded a milestone in this respect. It held the first secular medical outreach in the country. The Lagos Chapter of the Humanist Association of Nigeria hosted the medical program in conjunction…

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Zambia: Will Government Stop Atheist Gathering in October?

By Leo Igwe  The government of Zambia has been urged to disallow a humanist meeting slated for October in Lusaka. A Zambian, Chibesa Kalandwe 11, made a post on his Facebook page urging the country’s Ministry of Religious Affairs and Guidance to ensure that this event did not go ahead. The post reads: The Ministry of Religious Affairs and Guidance should immediately and swiftly move into place and block this forthcoming gathering of atheists in Lusaka. Zambia is a Christian nation, our constitution says so. Any group that attempts to operate outside…

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Humanism and Significance of Secular Medical Services in Nigeria

As part of the activities marking this year’s world humanist day, humanists are organizing a free medical outreach at the national stadium in Surulere in Lagos. The program is open to the public especially those who are unable to access basic medical care. A doctor and other health officials will be on hand for consultation, to conduct basic medical tests and provide evidence based medical counseling. This article takes a look at the significance of this medical program and its potential to transform the landscape of medical services in the…

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FCT Night Clubs Raid: Africa Lifestyle Nigeria 

Nightclub Raid, Patriarchy and Moral Policing in Abuja

 By Leo IgweThe recent raid at a nightclub in Abuja raises so many questions regarding the law as well as the social and moral trends in the country. Some days ago, some officials of the Federal Capital Territory Administration (FCTA) stormed a popular nightclub in Abuja called Caramelo and arrested female strippers. From available reports, they apprehended only female, not male dancers. The officials claimed that the raid was carried out in response to security reports and complaints from residents in the area. From all indications, this was not the case. There…

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Raiding Nightclubs: Next Level in Sharia Policing in Abuja?

By Leo Igwe As I have earlier noted, raiding Caramelo nightclub was not about law enforcement. It was not a move to rectify an illegal use of a property or to combat noise pollution or traffic challenge in the city. The Federal Capital Development Authority (FCDA) used these reasons to mask their more sinister motives, and to legitimize their illegal clamp down on the operation of nightclubs and women attendees in Abuja.Simply put, raiding Caramelo was a front to justify the execution of a religious and moral agenda that is stealthily…

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A humanist meeting in Lagos Nigeria 

Lagos: Keeping Humanism Alive

By Leo Igwe A humanist meeting organized on Tuesday April 9 2019 happened at a very short notice and brought out the best in Lagos. One of the council members of the Humanist Association of Ghana (HAG) was visiting and the event was to welcome her. So it was planned as a meet-up, an evening get-together. A talk on Pant Money Rituals and Superstition was added to spice the meeting and give attendees a common theme for discussion, something to talk about apart from Jollof rice! With the combined efforts…

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