Black life matters on planet EarthOP-ED Zimbabwe 


A tree that is watered at the stigma dries before any fruits. Nature and creation says; WE MUST water the roots of the tree if we expect it to bear fruits.

Your organizations [then] were watering the roots particularly when you had former names like Organization of African Unity [OAU].

You asked other nations to sacrifice their own citizens for those fellow Africans from other nations fighting for liberation of their States.

Today AU has monopoly to that, xenophobia in South Africa and hatred of other states is rampant and you do nothing.

Your organizations only “matter” when the top of the tree is burning, you have completely forgotten the roots of the tree [Heads of state matters than ordinary citizens]

You have been involved diplomatically and otherwise when Robert Mugabe was toppled. But you cared less when Mugabe was killing and torturing citizens in 2001 to 2008.

You backed Emmerson Mnangagwa when Zimbabwe soldiers undertook a soft coup.

Today when citizens are being displaced, killed and beaten by Zimbabwe soldiers all of you are quite in comfort zones.

None of you say anything or condemn the brutal killings and beatings of citizens in Zimbabwe.

What SADC and AU are talking about is bailing out the government of Zimbabwe with credit facility.

Why do you like to bandage wounds instead of cleaning it and apply antibiotics on the real wound? What is your fear?

Why making errands of deceptive approaches when you know where the root cause of the problem is?

Are problems of Zimbabwe economical or political?

We in the Forum for the Future of Africa condemn you all for running away from the real problems and resort to diplomatic deceptions.

Zimbabwe crisis will not be solved by injecting any amount of money.

If you are to help Zimbabwe “stabilize” you must go inside and solve its political embryo which is the source and root cause.

You made a mistake for allowing Mugabe be toppled by the military and deny Zimbabwe democratic choice of a government in 2008.

Africa will never see the realization of “Vision 2063” if you keep hiding behind the rhetoric of lip service.

The fact that people who fought for liberation and independent of Africa must be given respect does not mean they cannot be brutal.

Africa is failing to develop or taste peace because of the very people who fought for liberation, independence and democracy.

Look at how ANC is involved in state capture and rampant corruption. This is the party that fought against apartheid and liberated South Africa but ANC is not immune to mistreating its citizens. This can be the same elsewhere.

This open letter appeal to you all to put your efforts at protecting and saving citizens who are brutally being killed, beaten, enslaved and starved by their own governments not only in Zimbabwe but across Africa.

Where on Earth has fuel being purchased at US$3.12?

Where on Earth can a sovereign nation survive without its own national regulated currency?

Zimbabwe needs “true and genuine” remedy not rhetorics of FRENZY and deception.

Zimbabwe is under military rule not civilian government and this must stop now not later.

It is the responsibility of mother organisations to stop this brutal rule and make sure a civilian government is brought into place.

Watching crisis to develop into a virus is the mistake Africa is and has been making for 2000 years.

You were divided when apartheid was introduced in S.A. some of you were wolves in sheep skin, you denounced the system day time and kissed apartheid at night.

You still are doing the same with hectic troubles that Africa is in.

If you are to make Africa a better place “value the life of a black citizen” regardless of his or her status.

The fact that colonization, slavery and oppression targeted the “black skin” does not give you liberty to do the same.

You are umbrella groups of Black people why are you acting as agents of doom.

Africa is the cradle of mankind, your duty is to make sure and help Africans claim their place on Earth.

Stop the killings in Zimbabwe, stop South Africa from her attitude of hatred against fellow Africans knowingly that Whites that make part of South Africa are aliens.

The rainbow produce 7 colours because of the black soil underneath the ground.

Make sure African governments stop stealing from the continent and keep in Europe and America.

Africa will remain the home and origin of mankind, this truth will never be deleted even if they try to erase our race.

Black life matters on planet Earth.

Saunders Jumah the Utopian
The past we inherited the future is ours to make.

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