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AMBAZONIA: Swiss Mediated Talks Must Include All Options

Geneva: The United Nations has announced the Government of Switzerland will facilitate negotiations regarding the crisis in Ambazonia (Southern Cameroons).  The Ambazonia-Cameroun peace process was immediately endorsed by the United States and the European Union.

While the agenda and exact details of the negotiations remain unknown; OEAS unequivocally supports the independence and/or separation of Ambazonia from Cameroun. The talks must deal with the self determination of the Ambazonian people and their future. 

Ambazonia is a founding member of the Organization of Emerging African States. The successful future of Ambazonia will set the stage for a new round of self determination in Africa and the long hoped for end to neo colonialism and violent conflict.

OEAS hopes that both sides in this conflict will come to the negotiating table with open minds and embrace conflict resolution before more lives are lost.

OEAS fully supports the Ambazonian people and the Ambazonia-Cameroun peace process. OEAS is cautiously optimistic that this initiative and the endorsements of the United Nations, Switzerland, the United States and European Union promises a new dawn for African diplomacy and the beginning of the end to neocolonialism.

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