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African Development Bank Webinar: Asian Private Sector – Doing Business in Africa

What:Webinar for the Asian Private Sector on Doing Business in Africa
Who:African Development Bank
Wednesday, 23 September 2020, 08.00 am to 10.00 am GMT
13.30-15.30 pm, (Delhi), 16.00-18.00 pm, (Beijing),17.00-19.00 pm, (Seoul)

Until the COVID-19 pandemic, Africa was the second fastest growing continent outside Asia. The continent’s growth over the past decade, has seen the longest period of unbroken increases in per capita incomes since the 1960s. Africa’s huge and highly diverse continent, has the second largest population in the world and the second largest land mass after Asia, offering tremendous investment opportunities for the Asian private sector.

The role of the private sector as a critical engine of economic growth and economic development is widely recognized. Indeed, there are local African businesses that see Asian companies as potential partners. Many Asian companies are willing to conduct business in Africa, however, they lack sufficient information about the climate and the know-how.

During this webinar, the Bank will introduce Asian audiences to the Bank’s financial products for the private sector, its non-sovereign operations and success stories of private sector participation and projects in Africa. The Bank will share  information on how the Asian private sector can be involved in development projects in Africa.

This event also aims to improve the Asian private sector’s understanding of  Bank projects and how to deal with them.

The webinar will be held in English, Korean, and Chinese. Simultaneous interpretation services will be available.


Opening Remarks

Samuel Higenyi MUGOYA

Director, Syndication and Client Solutions


Overview of the African Development Bank Group

Takashi HANAJIRI, Head of the Asia External Representation Office


Non-Sovereign Operations

Boris HONKPEHEDJI, Principal Risk Mitigation Product Officer

Carole Stephanie Christel AHOUA, Principal Global Client Management Officer


Financial Products for Private Sector

Nana-Efua SPIO-GARBRAH, OIC Manager, Financial and Technical Services

Neema SIWINGWA, Chief Co-Financing and Syndication Officer


Opportunities and Success Stories of Private Sector Participation and Projects in Africa

Naoshige KINOSHITA, Chief Investment Officer

Namho OH, Senior Investment Officer and Clean Cooking Specialist


Financing private sector to boost agriculture transformation in Africa

Nanette DERBY, Principal Investment Officer


Comments and Q&A

All Panelists




  • Max Magor NDIAYE, Manager of Financial Technical Services
  • Yuna CHOI, Senior External Relations and Communication Officer

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