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Democratic Green Party of Rwanda End of Year Message and Aspirations for 2021

As we come to the close of the year 2020, which was characterized by the COVID-19 Pandemic that left many families mourning the loss of their loved ones, we take on this moment to foremost comfort all those that lost their loved ones and express our gratitude to all front-line workers who sacrificed themselves to contain this pandemic in Rwanda. A big thank you thank to all Nurses, Doctors, others in the medical professional and our National Police in collaboration with all security organs who worked tirelessly to ensure our…

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Rwanda legalizes growing of cannabis for medical purposes

– Advertisement – Rwanda has legalized the growing of cannabis but only for medical purposes. It has now become the first East African nation to legalize the growing of cannabis. Effort to legalize the growing of cannabis for medical purposes started in 2010 when the government introduced a bill in parliament. Rwandan officials said at the time that new changes to the country’s laws on cannabis was “to contribute to the protection of the population while ensuring that drugs and psychotropic substances are exclusively available for scientific and medical purposes.”…

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Rwanda Democratic Green Party member, Alexis MUGISHA elected to the Rwandan Senate

Kigali (AGV): Members of the National Consultative Forum of Political Organisations in Rwanda on Thursday, 24th September 2020, elected both Mr.Alexis Mugisha and Ms.Mukakarangwa Clotilde to the Rwandan Senate as stipulated by the Rwandan Constitution. Both were confirmed yesterday by the Supreme Court. Mr.Alexis Mugisha, is the Commissioner General of the Democratic Green Party of Rwanda and has been a party member since its inception in 2009. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Physical and Human Geography and finalising a master’s degree in Environmental and Development Studies. The Democratic Green…

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20 years under Rwanda’s ‘benevolent dictator’ Paul Kagame

Written by Antonio Cascais President Paul Kagame marks 20 years at the helm of Rwanda. He’s praised by some as a pioneer for women’s rights and environmentalism but criticized by others for his iron grip on power — which could last a while still. It’s no coincidence that the first “Made in Africa” smartphone comes from Rwanda: The Mara Phone is manufactured in an industrial area in the capital Kigali, just down the road from a Volkswagen plant. The German carmaker is one of many investors in the small East…

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The truth about the much-touted Rwanda success story

Written by Chatinkha Chidzanja Nkhoma Rwanda is a wakeup call for Africa to take bold and courageous steps. Their success is attributed to a unity for a common purpose doctrine. Their leader Kagame first made sure that everyone got on the national programme and those that didn’t were made to understand that there were seriously nasty consequences of going against the national development programme, political descent is only to be tolerated as long as it didn’t disturb development plans. They shut down the overrated civil liberties and so-called democracy and…

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More African refugees from Libya arrive in Rwanda

More African migrants trapped in Libya and seeking refuge have arrived in Rwanda as part of a resettlement program. Those who arrived over the weekend are part of the third batch of refugees, who have been held in detention centres in Libya. The third group had 116 refugees and asylum seekers who were safely evacuated from Libya. Rwanda’s government said the migrants will be staying at Gashura transit centre, about 55km (34 miles) south of the capital, Kigali. That is the same place were the previous 189 refugees and asylum…

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Rwanda is first African country to launch Volkswagen electric cars

German car producer Volkswagen has teamed up with Siemens to launch electric vehicles in Rwanda. The launch on Tuesday is part of the e-Golf project, making Rwanda the first African country where Volkswagen is testing electric cars. During Tuesday’s launch four of the electric cars were unveiled and available on the local market. The e-golf cars are now being rolled out in Africa for the first time. There is only one charging station for these cars located at the Volkswagen facility at the Special Economic Zone. Volkswagen officials say more…

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“Made in Rwanda” Volkswagen cars go on sale

The largest European manufacturer, Volkswagen has targeted 5,000 vehicles from it’s Kigali assembly plant in Rwanda. European car-marker, Volkswagen launched it’s car assembly plant in Rwanda in June, 2018. The care-marker has already started producing “Made in Rwanda“ vehicle brands assembled in Kigali. The plant has produced “Polo” brand vehicles, but due to demand, the manufacturer is produced other models including Passat, Tiguan, Amarok and Teramont. The Terramont retails at $48,156 while Volkswagen Amarok (the pick-up truck) goes for $44,559. VW Polo model, the most affordable of the locally-assembled option costs…

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Rwanda to launch satellite into orbit before end of 2019

Three Rwandan engineers with the support of a team of Japanese at Tokyo University have built a satellite that will be launched into orbit next month. Known as RWASAT-1 the satellite is ready to be launched into orbit after it’s September 24 launch into the International Space Station. RWASAT-1 is a mini satellite, commonly as CubeSats. Such tiny satellites are deployed into low earth orbit so they can send information to ground stations. The announcement of the launch into orbit was made on Tuesday in at a press conference. It…

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Rwanda deports American pastor ‘for meeting journalists’

Rwandan officials have deported an American preacher who is deemed controversial after his arrest on Monday. Evangelist Gregg Schoof was arrested for holding what officials said was an “illegal meeting with journalists”. Schoof was operating a radio station called  Amazing Grace but the station was banned last year after it broadcast a sermon that described women as “evil”. Another evangelist Nicolas Niyibikora in the said sermon aired on January 29, 2018 denigrated women referring to them as evil. The sermon attracted a lot of criticisms from groups including human rights…

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