: Minister Abas Abdullahi Sheikh East Africa 

Tragedy: Security forces mistakenly kill Somali Minister

MOGADISHU-(AGV) – Somalia security forces, this week shot dead a 31-year old government minister after mistaking him for a militant Islamist. According to BBC the late Minister Abdullahi Sheikh Abas, was killed in his vehicle near the presidential palace in the capital Mogadishu.   Following Abas’ killing, the country’s president, Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo, has cut short his visit to Ethiopia. Please follow and like us:

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Libya North Africa 

Opinion: Two old men meet to discuss the future of Libya

On Friday, the Speaker of the east-based House of Representatives (HoR) Aqilah Saleh met with the Head of the High Council of State (HCS) Abdelrahman Al-Sweihli for the first time since the passing of the Libyan Political Agreement (LPA) in Skhirat, Morocco on December 17, 2015. The meeting took place in Rome under the supervision of the Italian government. The two men, who have definitely exceeded their fifties in age, have been each on a different stream regarding the current political and military hustle and bustle in Libya. Please follow…

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Eleanor_Sirleaf_Johnson Liberia West Africa 

Africa’s War Lord Queen; The Bloodstained Career of Liberia’s Eleanor Sirleaf Johnson

If all you know about Liberian President Eleanor Sirleaf Johnson is what you read in the U.S. corporate media, you probably think she is a Nobel Prize-winning reformer. In fact, Sirleaf is a U.S. imperial puppet whose hands are steeped in blood, the “right hand woman“ of deposed warlord Charles Taylor, and a servant of multinational banks. “The lords of war under Charles Taylor now rule much of the Liberian economy and critical government departments.” Eleanor Sirleaf Johnson is the Harvard educated, Nobel Prize winning President of Liberia with a…

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